Parent Feedback

“My children have attended Doughty Montessori School for 5 years. The school is a wonderful combination of nurturing warmth, patience and fun. The children are happy and comfortable while growing socially, emotionally and academically, all in a multicultural environment. Thank you for all the happy and peaceful years.”

“Thanks so much for all you’ve done for Olivia. For two years you provided a comfortable, safe and fun atmosphere, encouraging so much growth in Olivia. I know she will miss you, all of the other kids, the field trips, playing on the playground, the animals and everything else. Just wanted to let you know that your efforts were not unnoticed.”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful three years you have given our son.” “We are so pleased with the curriculum and dedication of the staff and teachers. I worried for the first month of the school whether Jordan would be able to sit still long enough to sit on the line, or if he could focus long enough to listen to what was being said by a teacher. I am very impressed at how you are able to integrate all the different and wonderful personalities that have come to you at the beginning of the year and create a classroom full of children who love to attend school each day. Thanks for the effective learning experiences you provided for Jordan. I appreciate all of you who have greeted Jordan each day with a smile and a warm hello.”

“I know there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. It is evidence of your good work that, from my perspective, school always ran smoothly. I found the parent / teacher conferences to be warm and friendly and felt very much like you were all in Yuka’s corner.”

“The finest praise I can give, is from a child who looked forward to school and whose imagination was turned on by the curious units you covered. Our house is filled with ‘scientific experiments’ and his rock collections, dinosaurs and botany experiments all of which were inspired by classroom discussions.” “Thank you for all of your efforts. You have helped my child through three very important years and your good work will always be with her.”


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